Sunday, February 2, 2014

another year older, another year happier

Short vacation to PD
I can't express with words.
Suami didn't stop praising how wonderful was that place.
Room was perfect with pool inside, surrounding was beautiful, breakfast was wonderful.
Spent the whole day exploring the whole room. 
Started thinking of the idea to decorate our house too :D
Just step outside in searching for air kelapa n tapau our dinner ikan bakar, 
returned back to the room celebrating my birthday, 
the last birthday we were celebrating together before we'll become 'the three of us' 
Of course planning to go there again next time insyaAllah :))
Yea, January has always been a meaningful month to me :')
May Allah be with us at every step we take, 
and may Allah guide us in every decision we make. Amin.

That was yummy moist chocolate cake.

Maternity leave has just started! 
The last day I went to the lab, saying goodbye to my messy workstation,
got kiss and hugs from the supervisor as well as
 got lotsss of advices about what I should do during the leave.
Leaving the lab (for a while) doesn't mean I have to free my mind about the research work.
Still have ton of work to do..
But at least don't have to rush every morning to the lab for few months :D
Counting the days to welcome our little caliph.
May Allah ease everything. Amin.

January report ends :)


jannah said...

sweet..tahniah bakal bergelar mama,semoga selamat semuanya nanti..

Nur Nabila said...

terima kasih, amin3 :))