Monday, February 10, 2014

Hello february

In progress on enhancing oh my english, but really want to type this post in malay actually T.T 
(ohh or can i just use manglish? :P)

Along showed us this article and asked abah, did he loves his job?

And abah answered,

Abah is very the busy person, during weekend he still needs to answer phone calls asking about work. Sometimes up until night. But luckily, he could finish his work at home instead of staying until late night at office. (That's why mama keeps complaining :D) 

Yet abah still doesn't forget to spend his time with us; dinner together every night is a must, peel off buah mangga or jambu for us, go to pasar tani to buy groceries every friday morning, and others. :)

I showed the same article to suami and asked him the same question, and he replied:

"asalkan ada kerja dan halal dan dapat support family kita" :')

And i know he loves doing his job and as long as the salary is enough for us alhamdulillah. 

Being an engineer isn't that tough actually based on my own experience (or maybe i got the easy job in my dept?), except when you got pressure from your boss and colleague. Or maybe when it comes to tiredness of doing lotsss of works.
But, no matter what you do, be happy doing your work is your choice, you yourself decide it. I was once an engineer (eventhough for 3 months only). I loved and enjoyed doing my job actually (as i said, maybe because i got the easy job :D). I was happy just sitting on chair and translating the document and sent it to the customers. Easy and didn't feel tired at all.
But i prefer to be a lecturer; have to continue for master. And it's not easy actually, when you have to think and use your brain and the worst part is doing programming every single day T.T 
but....when you have someone who stay with you when youre down, keep on reminding you, give advisesss to you, everything will be fine and feel like easy as a piece of cake :)
suami, family, lecturers, friends, thank you!

Me 38 weeks pregnant today.  And our little caliph will be born anytime from now on. May Allah ease everything. cant waitt to see him/her. Thank you for all the doas and supports. :)

I know my english is bad >.< but thank you for reading ^^

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Has said...

gambatte bila nanti satu hari jadi lecturer yg baik hati :D